Children born between 1st March 2016  and 28th February 2018 are entitled to a funded Early Learning and Childcare place.

Please contact us for your enrolment form on 01349886520 or email reception2.ankerville@gmail.com

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Ankerville Nurseries Security

Child with cameraWhen booking your child’s sessions we ask that you remain aware of the time to collect your child, as there is a charge for late collection. Should you wish to extend your Child’s session then we will be more than happy to accommodate where we can. We operate a strict policy for collection where only named persons may collect your child. If you need someone else to collect your child then they will need to know a security password that will be provided upon arrangement. Your child will not leave our care unless you have named the person collecting and they have used to allocated password.

We are wholly dedicated to keeping children safe from harm whilst they are in our care and seek to provide a safe environment for all our children.

Use of Mobile Telephones

This is not permitted on the premises. If you wish to make a call please do so away from the building.


When registering your child at nursery we will ask for your consent to use photographs. These photographs will remain in the possession of the nursery, but maybe used for publicity purposes in the local press or for use on our website.

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