About Ankerville Nurseries

Ankerville Nurseries are a family-owned group of 3 nurseries based in Tain and Alness. We cater for children from 0-12 years on a full, part time and after school basis.

Ankerville Nurseries aim to provide a service of the highest quality in a loving, caring environment which meets the needs of all children in Ankerville’s care. Allowing them to achieve their true potential whilst having lots of fun along the way.

Ankerville has a team of dedicated, highly qualified staff who work to carefully planned routines, which are geared to the appropriate age range. Since 2004, Ankerville has also provided apprenticeship training, accredited to SQA, both through the Modern Apprenticeship scheme, adding Foundation Apprenticeship for school pupils in 2019, we now have over 30 MA’s and FA’s in training at any one time, both in our own settings and in other private settings in Highland. At Ankerville we encourage staff to stay up to date with training and also for them to suggest new training ideas for the nursery. We provide online training courses throughout the year to keep staff up to date and current with latest legislation changes.

The Ankerville group has grown from a single nursery setting offering just 15 places to three facilities with a registered space for over 211 children and with over 70 staff.  We are passionate about providing a “child-centred” learning environment offering a wide range of activities and experiences for children based on nationally recognised educational and developmental standards’

Our Vision, Values & Aims

Our Aims:

To provide A safe, nurturing, loving and responsive environment for all children and staff.
To be understanding and approachable to each family’s Needs and abilities.
To be inclusive in parental involvement and look for ways in which we can safely maKe
families feel part of the setting.
To have fun and make lasting mEmories.
To nurtuRe staff wellbeing and happiness.
To deVelop new ways to maintain our links within the local community.
To provide a quality servIce underpinned by, how good is our early learning and childcare?
The NationaL Standard, Health and Social care standards, Curriculum for Excellence,
ReaLising the Ambition and the SSSC.
To build on life skills through play opportunitiEs both indoors and out.
BE kind.
To provide the best start for each individual child using GIRFEC wellbeing wheel we with for
our chiLdren to be safe, healthy, aChieving, nurtured, active, respected , responsible and
included. Have hope.

Ankerville House Nursery and Baby Unit aspire to be an excellent Early Learning and Childcare Centre, providing high quality learning opportunities, care and welfare for our children and effective links with our families and community.

All children emerged in engaging literacy and English activities, with Makaton through sing and sign commitment.

Numeracy embedded throughout the nurseries indoors and out.

Keeping our nurseries unique by providing excellent opportunities to build on Health and Wellbeing and developing strategies to support mental health through outdoor play days, woods sessions, and activities with the British gymnastics association, football and mini yoga retreats.

Equality for all children, staff, parents and visitors.

Respect to all through intergenerational working together with elderly groups and homes in the community doing joint baking, crafts and early literacy projects.

Value the importance of parents, families and the wider community.

Improvements through self-evaluation, visits to other centres to share good practices and use of Highland CPD training.

Learning skills for life through experiences and outcomes from Curriculum for Excellence and Pre- birth to three document. Transitions are embedded in the life of the nurseries.

Learning skills for life through experiences and outcomes from Curriculum for Excellence and Pre- birth to three document. Transitions are embedded in the life of the nurseries.

Empowered staff have responsibilities and leadership roles and are motivated to create an inspiring environment to enable the children reach their full potential.

Our Vision:

To provide a safe and nurturing environment where all children and adults are well cared for and where their individual needs are acknowledged and met. 

Our Values:

Care, hope, love, vision, compassion, teamwork, respect, trust, inclusion, communication, partnership, kindness, safe, ambitious.

Copies  of our latest inspections can be found by visiting Care Inspectorate Alness and Care Inspectorate Tain Baby Unit.
Information on the 0 – 3 years Curriculum for Excellence framework can be found here and for children age 3 – 5 the Curriculum for Excellence can be found here.

Meet Our Team

Carol MacRae

My name is Carol, owner and Managing Director of Ankerville Nurseries.  I have worked in early years for over 40 years and since 1999 I have run my own nurseries, initially Ankerville House in Tain. I believe in offering the best environment possible for both staff and children to flourish through dedicated, specialist training and investment into their surroundings. Both my granddaughter’s and great nieces and nephews have used and grown up in my Tain and Alness settings.  In my spare time I like to share it with my family and friends and going on holidays with my husband Donald or out walking with my two Cockapoos.

Fiona MacRae

Hi I’m Fiona. I’m the manager of Ankerville House and the Baby Unit, Tain and have been part of the team since 1999. I enjoy helping children spark their creativity and imagination through stories and songs. In my real life I’m a ‘dance mom’ to my daughters. I can be partial to a wee sing song on the karaoke with Moira.

Sarah Cameron

Hi I’m Sarah and I have worked at Ankerville since 2001 as Manager of  Alness. It’s a great job to have and I love getting to know all of our children and their different personalities. I’m my spare time I like to spend time with family and friends as well as go out walking.