Holiday Dates

Please see our term calenders showing closures and in-service days. 

Yearly Celebrations

Sign while we Sing

All our staff promote signing while we sing, using signs is a visual way to develop communication skills, which helps stimulate sounds and words. This visual way of communicating in turn helps to encourage language development. Singing with the children helps the body and the mind work together. Exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words. Music helps strengthen memory skills. Sing and sign sessions are fun and enjoyable for the children and staff and build on their use of signs. The use of props enables children to become fully involved in the songs and rhymes while building on early literacy skills such as rhyming and keeping the beat to the music. 


Holiday Outings

During the holidays the children are able to take part in a variety of different activities. We are fortune to have our own minibus’ which allow us to make good use of the local community facilities such as days at the beach, trips to the woods, visits to the park or fun at the trampoline park along with many other outings. Along with our outings within the community, we arrange activities at the nursery such as water days, obstacle courses, mini festivals, baking, bouncy castles and many more. Parents will be sent info about any trips or activity days nearer to the time.

Parent/Carer Communication

In recognition that education begins in the home, we are fully committed to a partnership approach with parents. Parents and Carers are kept up to date with regular newsletters and parent contacts. Parents and Carers are also able to keep up to date with activities going on in the nursery by following our open Facebook page – @ankervillenurseries. 

Online Learning Journals allow you to see your child’s activities at nursery with the click of a button. Staff upload images and notes about your child’s participation in activities and achievements at nursery for you to access wherever you are and share with family.

Christmas Nativity

We celebrate Christmas by putting on a wonderful Christmas show for friends and family each year. There’s always much excitement in preparing for the show as we learn songs and organise our special dress ups.

Nursery Uniform

We offer families the choice of purchasing a nursery uniform. These optional uniforms offer a smart and practical clothing choice for play at nursery. 

Uniforms can be purchased from Macgregor Schoolwear, My ClothingHighland Embroidery and Tain Print and Embroidery

Community Outings

Our nurseries enjoys great ties with our local community; with weekly trips to the woods, visits to our local care homes to sing, nature walks, trips to the local farm to see the animals, going to the shops, fun at the park and many more all throughout the year.