Ankerville Nursery Alness was opened in October 2007 and occupies a purpose-built single storey building situated on the edge of Teannich Industrial Estate and within easy walking distance of Alness High Street. The nursery has direct access to a large garden area with outdoor play equipment for each age.

Ankerville Alness Nursery is open 48 weeks of the year, Monday – Friday, 8am to 5.30pm and also offers before and after school care, we pick up and drop off from Bridgend Primary School as well as holiday club during school closures and inservice days to children ages 0-12. Offering a minimum of 4 sessions. The nursery provides healthy; breakfasts, two course lunch and snack freshly prepared by our in house Nursery Cooks daily. Catering for a variety of different allergies.

A Key Worker system operates in the nursery where each child is allocated a member of staff responsible for both settling in and compiling your child’s Learning Journal. This is a collection of written and photographic evidence and observations relating to your child’s development and progress whilst they are at the nursery.

Once you have been given a date for your child to start at nursery, a member of staff will be in touch to arrange some induction visits. Gradually building them up starting with One hour and then onto Two hours allowing them the chance to adapt to their new surroundings and becoming familiar with the staff and other children. On drop off your child will be met by a key member of staff who will work closely alongside them to help settle into our setting.

If you are concerned about your child when you have left you are encouraged to call us on the landline for an update. We will contact you if at any time during the settling in time we feel your child would benefit from seeing you.

Baby Room

The baby room is a gentle, warm and friendly environment. Members of staff work closely alongside your child to care and meet their individual needs daily. We aim to provide quality care in a nurturing manner. Each child is given a Daily Diary which is completed each day by staff and communicated to parents/carers all the relevant information. Parents/Carers are responsible for proving the nursery with their child’s preferred brand of nappies, wipes and cream. In the baby room the children also have opportunities to take part in a variety of different activities such as arts and crafts, sensory and messy play and water and sand play. We also have access to a small quiet in closed garden as well as a variety of buggies for walks out in our community.

Toddler Room

The toddler room is a fun, caring and friendly environment. With a large space that matches their inquisitiveness and energy with age-appropriate furnishing and learning resources accessible at all times. Members of staff work closely alongside your child meeting their everyday needs and to support them with their development. We aim to provide quality care in a nurturing manner. We ask that Parents/Carers provide the nursery with your preferred choice of nappies, wipes and cream. Staff also support and work alongside Parents/Carers during toilet training. Each week the children are able to take part in a variety of different activities which are planned carefully based on the interests of the children, such as arts and crafts, messy and sensory play, water and sand play as well gardening and baking. The children are able to enjoy outdoor play throughout all seasons in our garden and regular walks out within our community.

Nursery 3 - 5s

The 3-5s rooms are a fun, nurturing and a stimulating environment for all children. In the 3-5’s, we encourage learning through play in positive and welcoming surroundings. We aim to provide quality care in a nurturing manner. The room offers engaging activities which are carefully planned based on the interests of the children, allowing them to access all areas across the Curriculum for Excellence. Each learning opportunity enables the children to build on skills to take them through life. We are very fortunate to have a spacious garden located at the back of the nursery where the children are able to further develop their skills in all weathers along with regular trips to the local woods.

In the Nursery 3-5s room, we also care for our very own pet. Jimmy the Giant African Land snail. He lives in his very own tank within the play room so that the children can see him at all times throughout the day, the children are able to help Miss Murray and Miss Farquhar by keep him fed and watered along with cleaning his tank and giving Jimmy the occasional bath.



Ankerville Nurseries Alness, Riverside Drive Ross-shire, IV17 OPG