Team news and reviews

Sarah Cameron

Hi I’m Sarah and I have worked at Ankerville since 2001 and I am Manager of  Alness. It’s a great job to have and I love getting to know all of our children and their different personalities. In my spare time I like to be with family and friends, as well as go out walking.

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Pamela Cassie

Hi my name is Pamela Cassie and I joined the Ankerville team in 2014. I work in the Office. I’m one of the first faces you see when you walk through our doors, I like to welcome both parents and children, hopefully putting them at ease as nursery can be very daunting time for some.

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Holly Cook

My name is Holly and I have worked in the office at Ankerville since 2010. I have 3 children who have all attended the setting throughout the years and it has been like a second home to all of us. I love to socialise with family and friends, go shopping and travel in my spare

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Clair Rafferty

Hi my name is Clair, I have worked with the Ankerville family since 2014 and have loved every minute of it. I have been lucky enough to work in all three settings and I’m currently a Supervisor in the Tain Baby Unit with a great team of staff. I love that I’ve had the experience

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Sarah Sutherland

Hi my name is Sarah and I joined Ankerville in 2008. I have lots of experience working with children over the years and have also had the pleasure to work with and support children with additional needs, working with children is exceptionally rewarding. I love to see all our children grow and become independent, caring

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Laura Hutchinson

Hello my name is Laura and I have worked in Ankerville since 2011. I’m currently the Assistant Manager of the 3-5s. I love it, my passion has always been to offer the very best for the young people in my care. It’s so rewarding watching the children grow and learn every day. I feel very

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Katie Macdonald

Hi my name is Katie but I am known as Katie Mhorag since attending Ankerville myself as a child. I have worked for Ankerville since 2012 originally as an after school helper in Tain. I am currently a Supervisor in the Alness Toddler Room. During my time here I have been fortunate enough to have worked

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Aisha Geegan

Hi my name is Aisha, I currently work in Alness Toddler Room and have been working for Ankerville since 2018. Working in Ankerville allows me to help children grow and support them at the beginning of their journey in life. I enjoy making bonds with each child individually and helping them tackle through their various

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Kalie Beattie

My name is Kalie and I work in the Alness Toddler Room. I started in Ankerville House as a student on placement with the University of  Highlands & Islands in 2018, after my placement I was given full time employment in 2019 in the Alness setting. I enjoy my job because I get to help

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Stacey Macpherson

Hi my name is Stacey and I started with Ankerville in February 2020. Over my time in Ankerville so far I have worked in the 3-5s room and am currently in the Alness Toddler Room. I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the job – especially taking the children out on our weekly adventures down by

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