Alness 3-5's

Laura Hutchinson

Hello my name is Laura and I have worked in Ankerville since 2011. I’m currently the Assistant Manager of the 3-5s. I love it, my passion has always been to offer the very best for the young people in my care. It’s so rewarding watching the children grow and learn every day. I feel very […]

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Rebecca Murray

Hi I’m Rebecca and I am a supervisor in Alness 3-5’s nursery room. After graduating Ankerville in 2004 I came back to work as part of the team in 2017. I have been fortunate to experience all 3 settings, playing a role in children’s lives during their early years is extremely rewarding. I dedicate my

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Lucy Farquhar

Hi, my name is Lucy and I’m one of the supervisors in the 3-5s room. I became an Ankerville member of staff in 2013. I enjoy coming to work every day to see the smiles on the children’s faces and watching them as they learn and grow through their play. In my spare time I

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Tricia Stewart

Hi my name is Tricia and I’m one of the supervisors in the 3-5’s room at Alness. I have been a part of Ankerville team since 2016. My job is my passion and I enjoy coming to work each day, I love that Ankerville provides an environment that is inclusive and nurturing while supporting each

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Becky McKie

Hi I’m Becky! I’ve been a nursery practitioner in Alness 3-5’s since 2020. I enjoy how every day can be different and we are faced with daily opportunities to learn more. I enjoy walks to the woods and messy play while at nursery. In my spare time I enjoy being with my own little boy,

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Louise Beedles

Hi I’m Louise, I work in 3-5’s Room in Alness. I have worked in Ankerville since 2019. I love my job, helping each child develop through there different stages and watching the children become individuals. In my spare time I enjoy walking/taking my two kids on new adventures and spending time with family and friends.

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Amy Maclnnes

Hi my name is Amy. I have been part of Ankerville since 2005 as I attended the nursery as a child. I then started as an after school helper in 2016 and then went on to work full time in 2020 when I started my apprenticeship. I currentlty work in the Alness 3-5’s Room and

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Jasmin Camus

Hi my name is Jasmin and I currently work in the Alness 3-5s. I previously worked in Ankerville from 2015-2018 and am delighted to be back in August 2022 after having my own little girl. I love getting to know all the children and watching them grow. In my spare time i enjoy socialising with

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