Tain 3-5s Room

Fiona MacRae

Hi I’m Fiona. I’m the manager of Ankerville House and the Baby Unit, Tain and have been part of the team since 1999. I enjoy helping children spark their creativity and imagination through stories and songs. In my real life I’m a ‘dance mom’ to my daughters. I am also partial to a wee sing […]

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Gemma Fraser

Hi I’m Gemma, the assistant Manager of Ankerville House. I have worked with Ankerville since 2005 and still love each and every day. The nurseries values are evident in each room: family orientated with the individual child’s needs always at the forefront, which was so important for me as a parent also. My home life

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Stacey Sutherland

Hi, my name is Stacey and I’ve been a part of the Ankerville team since 2017. I have had the opportunity to work in all three settings during my time with Ankerville. I’m currently working in Ankerville House with the 3-5’s as a Supervisor. My favourite thing about working for Ankerville is getting to know

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Marlena Korol

Hello my name is Marlena and I have been part of the Ankerville team since 2012. I have worked in all three settings and currently working in Ankerville House. I love to see the children learn and have fun within our great environment. In my spare time I love to go on walks and explore

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Emma MacDonald

Hi my name is Emma and I joined Ankerville in 2013. I currently work in Ankerville House Tain with the 3-5 children. Being able to support and work with children and seeing them grow and develop and learn through play is a joy and a privilege. In my spare time I enjoy gardening and outdoor

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Shania Discombe

Hi my name is Shania. I joined the Ankerville team in April 2021. I work in the 3-5’s Room at Ankerville house. I really enjoy working with the children and learning about them and the different things that they are interested in. It makes me smile to hear all the stories they have to tell

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Sarah Sutherland

Hi my name is Sarah and I joined Ankerville in 2008. I have lots of experience working with children over the years and have also had the pleasure to work with and support children with additional needs, working with children is exceptionally rewarding. I love to see all our children grow and become independent, caring

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Amy Maclnnes

Hi my name is Amy. I have been part of Ankerville since 2005 as I attended the nursery as a child. I then started as an after school helper in 2016 and then went on to work full time in 2020 when I started my apprenticeship. I currently work in Ankerville House and love my

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